For prepared bass.

Program notes: ”The piece explores non-traditional tonalities via the use of extreme scordatura and preparations. A particular challenge with this piece is the effect of the ruler that is placed in the strings on string action and pitch, particularly when considering that large portions of the piece feature a sustained bow with melodic content on top that is expressed using only the left hand. The alteration of general sonorities of the instrument as well proves to be a particular challenge due to the capricious nature of the preparations and an unfamiliar sense of the output from the instrument.”[1]

Epulos is the name of one of the biggest bacteria on Earth or better said, in the intestines of a surgeonfish found in the Red Sea. It is necessary to find the guts of the double bass to play this piece thus the bacteria will sound and grow by being fed with the energy of the performer. 

[1] Babin, T. (2015). Performance notes : Dusapin, Scelsi, et al. UC San Diego. ProQuest ID: Babin_ucsd_0033M_14974. Merritt ID: ark:/20775/bb31076146. Retrieved from

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