for violin, clarinet and piano with wearable controllers.

Program notes:

e-quantum is a piece commissioned by Auditorio de Tenerife to be premiered by Quantum Ensemble. The acoustic and electronic materials of this piece are closely related. The gestural control of the sound is planned and notated in the music score so each instrumentalist triggers prerecorded audio samples that contain material played by another instrument of the ensemble. The pianist uses a Myo bracelet to trigger, stop, and modify pitch and volume of audio samples of clarinet multiphonics. The clarinetist uses a wearable Wii remote controller to modify through acceleration the volume of an audio sample of violin. The violinist uses a wearable Wii remote controller to trigger through acceleration audio samples of piano chords. The gestures are notated in the music score using graphic notation to get an optimal sound and gestural result. In certain parts of the piece the same instruments are heard acoustically and electronically, creating a counterpoint between gestures; a performer creates acoustic sounds with their natural musical gestures, and with their free-space gestures, the juxtaposed sampled sounds of another performer.

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